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Welcome Cool Guys. You've found the TWISTEDEDST web page on the net,written by ME, Warped Lamp, MASTER OF TWISTED and Flordaddle's resident cool guy. I'm not like other girls. You might even say I'm different from them, or not the same. I'm a level three Twist Mage, shoot me a myspace message if you want to 1v1 me in twistery (hint: you will lose). Here are a few fax about me so you can say you learned something valuable the next time your 'rents tell you to get off the internet and mow the lawn or whatever... psh...

FOODS FAVS: Hot sauce, dinosaur chicken nuggets.

HOBBIEs: Bullying nerds, self-publishing, intellectual property law*, thinking about skateboards, hanging out with Kiane (BFF)*, amateur film-making, making guitar suonds with my mouth, playing in a band, speaking Korean*. Asterisk marks things I only do as a hobby ironiaclly.

ROLE MODELS: Tony Hawk, Kiane, the Joker (the one from Heath Ledge, othre ones are NOT cool), Death Note, the color uprple (but like the color not like the 1982 Alice Walker novel which I HAVEN'T READ OR ANYTHING SO UM LEAVE ME ALONE PSHH MOM...), Kiane

ARCH ENEMIES.: Sensei, Brain but only in a cool guy ironically way we're still bros

Don't take it personall, kid, I'm just...

Bad to the Bone
A slideshow of rainbow skeletons in different positons. A slideshow of rainbow skeletons in different positons. A slideshow of rainbow skeletons in different positons. A slideshow of rainbow skeletons in different positons.
Who knew that an innocent friendship could turn into a passionate romance

You've made it this far... Get ready for some TWISTED PICS.

The pic. Explantaion of TWISTERY.
A cute marching penguin. Oh fuck is that a penguin? Psych... he falls over. Sorry, but you can't handl it then better close your browser. This Web Page isn't for BABIES.
An eye with a skull pupil in front of something burning. ME watching the world burn. Unless my friends are in it then I would rescu them firs ttho. The only burns I condone on my friends are the SICK BURNS occurring as a result of my Twisted Wordsmithery.
Hamtaro Ironic hamster (not serious, this one is just a breather so you can be ready for the next twisted pic)
It says, 'Gonna get ya this Halloween.' Thought you were safe this Halloween because Halloween is tbh actuaLLy just a holiday for babies? Think again. This guy is coming for you.
A sort of emo-looking angel. You after viewing this Awesome Web Page (you are dead in this pic btw, angel means dead). Yeah, those floating pixels? Those are the parts of your body God couldn't reattach because you were so totally annihilated.
I am so sorry you can't see this image. 'Bad 3D Shark chasing a lady' doesn't do it justice. oh god im fucking dying I can't

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